BRC Policy Statement

We recognise and accept our responsibilities for ensuring the continued safety for the transportation of food products, and we are committed to a programme of continuous improvement.

We will ensure the highest standards of hygiene for the transportation of food goods and will comply with the relevant distribution requirements. All reasonable precautions will be taken, and care exercised regarding all distribution of food products.

In conjunction with our quality policy, we can ensure that all raw materials transported, will comply with current legislation and regulations, and also maintain a system that satisfies the requirements of the British retail consortium.

The managing director is responsible for ensuring continued commitment by all staff, in regards to the distribution of food products and its safety, also ensuring all necessary resources are made available.

Implementation and maintenance of the BRC system is the responsibility of the Compliance manager, who is also the management representative.

All employees will receive appropriate training when necessary, to ensure all comply with the company distribution of food safety procedures, all staff members must report anything that compromises the distribution of food safety.

This policy will be reviewed annually or in the event of significant change within the organisation.


Jeff Dale – Managing director.